How to make a successful gaming blog?

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Hey guys, in this article, we are going to discuss everything about a gaming blog in 2020 and how to make a successful gaming blog.

We will discuss how to start a gaming blog and how to make it a successful gaming blog. And in the end, I will also solve your queries about the gaming blog in 2020.

To start a gaming blog in 2020 and to make it a successful blog is not an easy task if you are a beginner and not too difficult as it sounds.

Before starting a gaming blog, you need to know many things, not just related to games but related to blogs and technical terms of blogging. By which you can make a successful gaming blog or any blog with whom you have an interest.

How to start a gaming blog

To start a gaming blog, you need a website. Where you upload your blogs related to gaming.

To do that, I will help you and guide you step by step to start a successful gaming blog.

Creating a website is not so difficult as it sounds; you need to buy a domain and web hosting.

Follow these steps to create a website in 5 minutes:

  •  Go on Google and type GoDaddy or you can directly visit to
  • Now search domain for your website and choose top level domain (TLD) name like .com or .in.
  • Once you do that select your domain and add to cart. And complete your purchase.
  • Now go to Site Ground hosting (click here)

siteground hosting

  • Site ground is a very fast web hosting and it easy to use. You can also try cheap hosting if you are beginner.
  • Go on these hosting website choose your plan according to your requirement. And complete payment process.
  • Now connect your domain to your hosting.
  • To do that copy name servers of your hosting and replace it to your domain name server (DNS).
  • Now log in to your hosting cPanel and install WordPress
  • Hurrah you have successfully create a website.

How to find domain name server

  • Sign in to your domain name provider’s website.
  • Go to dashboard and select your domain name.
  • Now click on manage domain and then click on DNS.
  • Here you find your name servers.

How to make a successful gaming blog

So now, you have a website, and you installed WordPress on your gaming website where you want to create a blog.

Now install a theme in your WordPress. You can install News Paper or Generate Press theme. Customize your theme to look beautiful.

Now start writing an article for your gaming blog. Before writing an article, you need to do some keyword research, which will help you to rank your blogs.

For keyword research, you can use Semrush or Ahref. These are the most powerful tool for keyword research. You can also use some free keyword research tool.

With the help of a keyword research tool, you will find topics to write an article. And also, the keyword research tool provides you all the information related to that keyword.

For example, you search a keyword like How to get free COD skin, and now keywords tool provide you full details about this keyword. Like how many people search for this keyword, what is the cost per click (CPC) and difficulties of the keywords.

So before writing an article for your website, you need to do proper research.

Types of Gaming Blogs

types of gaming blogs

There are many types of gaming blogs, in which you can work on. Many people search about queries related to games. Even though I also search for tricks and

Types of gaming blog

  1. Latest Games
  2. How to Download any game
  3. Get free skin
  4. How to get free gun, etc…
  5. Gaming News
  6. Gaming Competition
  7. Reviews of games
  8. New gaming equipment

Latest Games

You can make blog on latest games. These blogs have also a wide range audience and also these types of topic is easy to rank on google.

You can write an article about latest games in 2020, latest shooting games, top 10 games to play with families and many more topic like that. Many people search these topics in google search. Also you can see your competitors keywords for which you can create a blog post and rank it on google.

Before writing an article on latest games you should know about new and treading games. And also you should have proper information about those games which you going to feature in your blog post. Never ever give outdated information to user if you want to make a successful gaming blog.

How to Download

Many of us search this keyword many times “how to download”, you can use these keywords to your blog post and generate lots of traffic.

These types of keyword are the most asked keywords in google search engine and also have low competition. Which means after a proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can rank your article in google’s first page.

How to keywords have tons of traffic and not everyone is genius they need some tutorials to do and they search thing on google. When its comes to gaming many of people wants to download paid games for free so now you can write an article “how to download xyz game for free”.

Write an article and give detailed information about How to download xyz game for free.

  • Write information about game.
  • Mention there developers.
  • Category of games
  • Steps to download for free
  • Conclusion

Your article should be have at least 1200 words, you can also check your competitors article length and write more then them.

For example if your competitor’s article have 1500 words then you have to write an article with minimum 2000 word to beat them.

keyword research for gaming blogs

When you search how to download keyword in Semrush or Ahrefs tool you will find lots of keyword with zero competition and you can work on it.

Gaming News

Gaming news is also a good topic. Here you can give news about games like, upcoming games, new games and country vice gaming competitions and more things like that. Take ideas to your competitors sites.

Reviews of games

You may review a game and create a blog on it. This is also popular section of gaming blog, where you can review any games and give users your opinion. Many of us want to read a detailed review before downloading or playing any games.

Everyday new games are launch for PC, iOS and Android. You can simply review them share your thoughts give your genuine options and conclusion, etc.

You can also create a YouTube channel and review games over YouTube too. Peoples are curious to know about latest games before downloading. So you have a huge audience for games reviews blog.

Now a days gaming become so popular all over the world. People streams games over twitch and YouTube earn lots of money.

But blogging is evergreen platform and if you are planning to make a successful gaming blog then you should start to do it.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks is very popular section of anything especially in gaming, because everyone wants free things in game.

Tons of people search for “how to get free skin in PUBG mobile”, “how to get BP and UC in PUBG”, “how to get free locus in COD mobile” and etc.

If you choose a topic like that there are lots of chances to generate lots of google organic traffic. And also you will generate money if you have an adsense account.

Look everyone want stuff free in games, so you need to know how to do that?

When anything comes new in the market you need to do is write about tips and tricks.

  • You can tell people how to control recoil of particular weapon.
  • Explain about different guns, there pros and cons.
  • You can tell about where to find guns.
  • Explain about maps, etc…

Make a Successful Gaming Blog to Rank on Google

To earn money from your gaming blog you need to have an Google Adsense approval.

If you wish to apply in Google Adsense you need to know about there polices once you understood and make your blog according to their polices you can apply for Adsense.

To apply in Google Adsense follow these steps:

earn money from gaming blog

  • Go to and search for Adsense.
  • Now click on first website.
  • Once the website open click on sign up now button.
  • Here fill your details like name, address and site (your domain name)
  • Now you will have code which you have to paste on your theme header.
  • Open your WordPress dashboard and click on appearance and then click on theme editor.
  • Now search for Header tag and paste code below the header tag and click on update.
  • Go back to your adsense and click on I pasted the code.
  • Now wait for 2-3 days for adsense approval.
  • If they like your site then they will give approval otherwise they will reject.
  • There are also many alternative of Google Adsense which you can try if have’t got approval.

Backlinks for Gaming Blog

Backlinks play an important role in blogs when it comes to a ranking—having more backlinks and more chances of ranking.

Basically, backlinks are the pillars of our blogs and help us to rank our blogs. To get high authority backlinks, you need to do proper research.

High DA and PA backlinks increase the chances of our blogs to rank on Google’s first page. And with the help of backlinks, the authority of the website and blog also increase.


Q1. Are gaming blogs profitable?

Ans– Yes, gaming blogs are profitable you can earn money form adsense, affiliate as well as through the sponsorship.

Q2. How to promote my gaming blog?

Ans- To promote your gaming blog you can use Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads. Make your ad and run the campaign.

Q3. How to increase traffic in my gaming blog?

Ans- Always go for organic traffic. To increase organic traffic you need to optimize your blog for Google ranking.

You can also use social traffic such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

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To make a successful gaming blog in 2020 you need to some experiments with keywords. Always follow the trend and make your strategy according to trend.

I hope that you got all the information about How to make a successful gaming blog the from us. Do comments in comment sections and keep in Touch with us Links Blogs.

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