How to start a tech blog for beginners in 2020

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In this article, I am going to give you full detail about how to start a tech blog in 2020. To start a tech blog, you need to know everything about before starting a tech blog.

If you are a beginner and wanted to start a tech blog, then you should read the article carefully. In this article, you will find how to start a tech blog.

Here I did massive research on tech blogs and came up with my strategy to make a tech blog.

How to start a tech blog

To start a successful blog, you need to set up many things like choosing your niche, domain related to your niche, and fast hosting.

Choosing a Niche

Niche plays an important role on our website. Niche is basically the topic which you will cover in your blogs. Here your niche should be tech blog.

Having the right niche to grow your website and google search ranking. According to Google research, google put those websites on the first page, which have a proper niche.

For example, I want to search how to look smart, and there are two websites one is related to beauty, and the other one post about everything. For example, how to look stylish, best mobile, how to earn money, etc.

Now, Google will select for the first page and give preference to those websites that have a beauty related niche. Because how to look smart is related to the beauty niche.

In this case, a beauty website is a type of website in which people post articles only related to beauty. Whereas those websites which provide all information is known as called common site and google generally don’t prefer those websites on the first page.

Buy a Domain for tech blog

Domain plays an important role in our website, because the domain is the address by which peoples visit our site.

Having a perfect domain related to your domain related to your niche is a 1st step to google search ranking result or search engine optimization.

For example, I have a website related to mental peace and the URL or domain of my website is like or

having such domains that are not related to your niche is not SEO friendly and also google not prefer on the first page.

If your website is related to mental health, then the domain should be like or And if your website is a tech site then, the domain should be like,, etc.

So the domain plays an important role in our website for user-friendly purposes and also for search engine optimization (SEO) factors.

Always buy the domain from high authorize domain provider (Godaddy).

Some websites offer cheap domain, and they provide very poor services. I have also faced this problem after taking the domain from cheap sites.

Hosting to start a tech blog

Hosting is simply like a house where your website will live. To start a tech blog, you need to have hosting.

Hosting plays a major role in the Google search ranking result because google wants a high-speed site for its user.

And for a tech blog, you should have fast web hosting. It helps to grow your site, and also users would like a fast website load.

You can try site ground hosting for a fabulous fast speed load. They provide the best hosting and best user experience.

Site Ground hosting

I would recommend you to go for site ground hosting. And if you are a beginner and want to test or just a start-up and want a cheap hosting, then you should try HeroHosty hosting.

A fast web hosting is very important for search engine optimization. It helps in google search ranking.

Especially for tech blogs, you need a high-speed web hosting, because you will upload 4-6 image per blog so having a fast web hosting is important.

These are the first steps to start a tech blog. Now we will discuss setting up a tech blog.

How to set up a Tech Blog

Now we have the domain for our tech blog and fast web hosting. Now we need to connect domain and hosting.

  • If you purchased domain and hosting from a different provider then,
  • Log in to your hosting and domain account.
  • In domain, account clicks on manage and then click on DNS.
  • Now go to your hosting and copy name server and paste it to your domain DNS.
  • Your domain and hosting now connected to each other.
  • Now install WordPress to make your tech blog live.

Install WordPress

To install WordPress in your hosting, follow these steps:

  • Go to your cPanel.
  • Now search for WordPress in the search box or click on software.

WordPress installation for tech blog

  • After that, click on WordPress and setup.


  • Click on install button.
  • Now type your domain name.
  • Leave directory blank and set HTTP to https (if you have SSL only).
  • Type your admin name and password and click on install.
  • Congratulations, your WordPress is successfully installed.

tech blog wordpress installation

  • To log in into your WordPress account add /wp-admin. For Example (
  • Type your username and password that you had created during WordPress installation.
  • And click on Login.

Install a tech theme

Having a beautiful theme for your website is very important for user, google and our self. Theme make our website very cool and beautiful.

Beautiful themes make your visitor comfortable to your website and make your interface easy to access.

To install a tech theme follow these steps-

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Appearance button and then click on theme option.
  • Now if you have downloaded theme from 3rd party then click on add new
  • and browse your theme and install it and activate your theme.
  • If you haven’t any theme, then search for theme install and activate your theme.
  • For tech blog, I will suggest Generate Press  and News Paper 10 theme.
  • Customize your theme according to your wish.

About Tech Blogs

Tech Blogs are those blogs in which you post things about technology and stuff related to tech.

There are many types tech niche, which we will discuss now.

Tech blogs have a wide range of audience and everyone search for different topics. So you don’t have to worry about tech topics, you will find lots of topics once you start a tech blog.

Types of tech blogs

  • Reviewing Blogs
  • Tech News Blogs
  • Latest Gadgets
  • How to blogs
  • About Mobile (root, mod, etc..)
  • Computer related blogs
  • Gaming blogs
  • Software  and hardware review
  • Technical Help blogs
  • Website help blogs

Now its depend upon to you to choose any of tech blogs. Generally people choose review blogs and tech news blogs, but I don’t suggest you these types of tech topics.

Because review blogs and news blogs are so many and now a day people wants to go over YouTube for review videos. It is easy to understand video of any review product compare then reading a article.

I would suggest you to go for how to blog section, because here you will find tons of trending things. For example, how to jail break an iPhone, how to root android, how to install some software, how to run games without graphic card and many more.

For a beginner, how to blogs are best and they are easy to rank in google. Easy isn’t means you simply write an article and post it, you need to do proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Tech Blogs SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Before starting a tech blog or any type of blog I will recommend you to learn basic things about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO helps our website to rank on google. And having an excellent SEO can help you to rank on google’s first page and beat your competitors.

To do proper SEO follow these steps for tech blog

  • Write a blog post with text contains more than 1200 words.
  • And add your targeted keyword up to eight times.
  • Write proper heading with your targeted keyword, which reflects your topic. Don’t add too many keywords in headings.
  • Always bold and italic your targeted keyword. By doing bold your targeted keyword, it specifies and clears your topic.
  • Add internal and external links to your blogs. By adding links, it is easy to navigate for users. For example, if you have tough words to explain those words, you can link other websites to your blogs.
  • By doing this, Google will crawl these types of pages quickly.
  • Add images up to 8 to 10 pictures related to your text or heading with alt text to your website.
  • Always highlights the important text of your blogs with colors. This makes your blog post attractive and user, easy to understand.
  • Take backlinks from other sites. Backlinks are very important for off-page SEO; it helps to rank fast on google.
  • By doing all these SEO steps will help you to rank your new tech blog.


How to start a technology blog?

Ans– To start a technology blog you need to read this article carefully.

Is it a good idea to start a tech blog?

Ans– In 2020 tech blog is a good idea to start, but your blog should be unique.

How to create a successful tech blog alone?

Ans– It does’t matter you are alone or having a team, to create a successful blog you need to be unique.

Never copy someone else blog or article, always write unique article. Unique article means write your own, not like to copy someone article and spin.

Where can I start writing a technology related blog?

Ans– You need to create a website. Buy the domain and a web hosting, than install WordPress. Then you are able to write a technology related blog.

Any advice for starting a blogs?

Ans– Before starting a tech blog or any blog you should know each and everything about your niche. And learn about SEO, about google ranking and backlinks. When I started a blog I don’t know anything of them, I faced lots of problems.

So learn everything about blogging and technical terms before starting a blog.


Tech Blog is a very good opportunity for beginners, only you need to do choose is correct niche. Niche is very important for blog and tech blogs have many categories to choose.

Starting a tech blog in 2020 is not so late, try if you want to start and try to upload regularly blog.

I hope that you got all the information about How to start a tech blog for beginners in 2020 the from us. Do comments in comment sections and keep in Touch with us Links Blogs.

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